Top bathroom design lessons in luxury and glamour to learn

Top bathroom design lessons in luxury and glamour to learn

  04 Feb 2019

Are you up to make your bathroom design looking more glamorous? You don’t have to pay a big bunch of financials to afford luxury. There are, though, a couple of bathroom design lessons you should learn to achieve them on a budget.

Well, if saving counts on learning, why not accepting the challenge? Here’s what to do and how to approach your bathroom interior design if you have less money and more desire to see it in glamour than ever before:

  1. Change or add the framework of your bathroom mirror. Just open your browser search and type in Baroque. All you see there is going to inspire you in your newest bathroom framed mirror at once.
  2. Get in a vanity and make it as dramatic as possible. For instance, why not getting rid of the sewing mechanism from your old, but gold (frankly, it is gold, yes), Singer machine. Turn it into a vanity, paint it in black and add some yellow (or gold) lines at the edges!
  3. Have a romantic Paris air in your bathroom design with la étagère addition. This is where you can also display all those bathroom pieces you always need to have at hand whether when cleaning, or cleaning yourself!
  4. Smartly picked pop art decorations for the wall can play that glamorous role in your bathroom design if you consider glamour as part of those groupy or disco days from the previous century.
  5. There’s nothing more glamorous than the Vintage crystal chandelier. Can’t imagine it in your bathroom design? Just install it and you’ll figure it out why the luxury has been always out if your bathroom interior!
  6. Now let’s consider luxury as functionality ordinary people cannot afford. As a matter of fact, there’s something luxurious and functional you can afford for your newest bathroom look – the seat. Seats are very popular for the bathroom interior these days. Have one in genuine leather or add a sofa in bold bright shades among your hospital-like neutral bathroom in beige, white or creamy.
  7. Expensive bathroom cosmetics, personal belongings and towels can be sometimes that luxurious air the decent and finely arranged bathroom interior design. Of course, make sure you display all those expensive and glamorous things in a way so they can meet the eye with the guest’s entrance…


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