Everywhere is snowy and all the people want to go somewhere for skiing. See where you can have the best ski holiday ever!

Love ski sports and snowy entertainments? You want go on a holiday in the mountain but are not quite sure which destination to visit? Then why not visit some of the Bulgarian ski resorts that are lot less expensive than most word-famous winter resort (such as the Alps)? Probably you aren’t very informed about the incredible country of Bulgaria and Bulgaria winter holidays, but do not worry because here is the place where you can learn lots about attractive destinations where to go!

Topic today is the mountain and ski resorts of Bulgaria – the perfect chance for you to learn skiing with the help of professional coaches who, by the way, speak excellent English!


The two points (low prices and very good conditions for practicing of all kinds of winter sports) make any of the ski resorts in Bulgaria perfectly suited for families with little children and people of all ages at all…

As we have already said in Bulgaria there are many winter destinations where you and the whole your family will have of full value ski holiday, but the most popular and visited of them are just three of number:

1.Pamporovo and Bansko – these two resorts are the best for family vacations. There you will find out many budget-friendly hotels that are also well-appointed offering great conditions and coziness away from the ski runs!

2.Borovets – the best winter resort in Bulgaria for après! The long list of lovely places where you can eat, have fun or just to relax makes Borovets for being very preferred holiday destination when it comes down to entertainments and partying. For your convenience, we are recommending you to stay in the Rila hotel that has its own modern night bar, so that you do not even should leave the hotel to have fun!

3.Pamporovo – the best ski resort for beginners. If you are just getting started and do not have much experience with skiing, then go there and try this so exiting sport without any worries about your safety or that of your children.

Now is the peak of the winter season, everywhere is snowy and all the people want to go somewhere for skiing… If you are one of them, go to Bulgaria for having the most exciting ski holiday ever!