If you want to experience many unique moments and unforgettable summer holiday, visit the city of Nessebar!

Everybody dreams of something… Some of us have an adventurous spirit and a dream to travel all over the world… That is the reason we /the holiday lovers/ search for new experiences all the time… If you have already recognized yourself reading these rows and you need to see more and more of the world, then you are on the right place…

Is there anyone who does not love the summer – the season when we want go to some beautiful place more than ever!

If you have nothing in mind as regards to summer destination, then we highly recommend you to visit the incredible city of Nessebar, located in the lovely country of Bulgaria.nesebar-8

This ancient, small city is so adorable, so inspiriting and beautiful, that everybody who has been there wants to stay forever!

Well- preserved old houses, a variety of landmarks and cozy restaurants that offer delicious food, are just some the reasons why each year thousands of tourists visit Nessebar.

If you like fairy tales and want to become part of them, be sure that by visiting Nessebar you will be carried away into another world … world of beauty, romance, breathtaking sunsets and lots of fun!

Famous with its ancient windmill, located on the isthmus connecting the Old city with the New one, the city of Nessebar will impress you at the very beginning. Walking along the meandering small streets you will see a lot of ruins, which are well-preserved untill now. Not only does the variety of historical monuments make the city to be so attractive but the pretty old houses, which are renovated but also preserved in their authentic look, will also make you stop at every step in order to enjoy their beauty!

On almost every street, there is a variety of shops where you can buy some souvenirs, paintings, clothes, jewelry and many other merchandise. Along the coastline there are a lot of restaurants whose location allows you to enjoy the magnificent sunsets and unique night views of the sea while you are having a dinner!

You have to know that dreams do come true, so if you really want to experience many unique moments and have an unforgettable summer holiday, visit the city of Nessebar!