Where to go in September?

Where to go in September?

  04 Sep 2017

Now is the holiday time when everyone goes out on leave and would like to spend more time with its beloved ones. September is the time of year that is perfect for vacations at the sea due to several reasons: the sun is still shining brightly; the sea is still perfect for beaching, while the summer resorts are still working! On the other hand, you can find a good value for money, because now is the time when every hotel offers amazing discounts and the tourists take advantage of them! Sounds great and it is true! September is more than perfect for you to visit the sea and why not the Black Sea coast?

Well, when we have to travel (no matter which is the season), are trying to plan everything in details. But in the same time we are careful not to over-plan – the biggest mistake you can make! Trust the experts and do not spend too much time on the Internet – there is a lot of information that in most cases will only make you feel confused!

We are these experts and today will tell you where to go to fully enjoy the rest of the summer season. We know very well where the best sea resorts are and in together with that can tell you how to book your vacation to get amazing travel deals! Stay here!

sunny beach

Bulgaria as a holiday destination is very famous in Europe. There you can go for a winter vacation (ski holiday), or for summer getaway with your family. This land is ranked as one of the most visited and cheap destinations in Europe, especially when it comes down to good prices and quality services! The sea coast of Bulgaria is the golden pearl of this land, as the millions of tourists will agree with us.

If you decide to listen to our advice (to go to Bulgaria) but are wondering in which resort to book a hotel, do not wondering anymore and visit Sunny Beach resort – the biggest resort along the Black Sea coast and the most visited by the young tourists as well! There you can spend the most dynamic vacation you have ever had, as well as to save lots of money. As we already said, now is the time of the big discounts, as Sunny Beach resort is an expert in this!

What you are going to find when arrive in Sunny Beach resort? – An amazing beach that is still crowded with people? – Or you will only encounter seaweed brought to the shore by the sea breeze – do not forget that it is September! Is there anything that will really impress us…?

Sunny Beach resort will highly impress you not only with its beautiful beach where there are many attractive and modern beach bars, but with its huge variety of cozy hotels offering incredible tourist packages (ALL Inclusive)! There is no other place like Sunny Beach resort where you can find so many preconditions for a good vacation. Book your hotel now!

Many times we forget about the romance… When it is time to book our Summer holidays in Bulgaria, we do not even think of romance. But it is so important. Even if we are on a holiday with our half and kids, we can make our summer vacation romantic. – As long as we know how!

The first thing we should think about is the destination. Away from the noisy summer resorts, we can find a real relaxation surrounded by pleasant atmosphere, nice people and different environment. This destination might be the city of Nessebar – the most romantic city in Bulgaria!

We love this place and many people love it too. It combines everything you need for your perfect family or solo vacation, as if you go there in September, will be able to enjoy the pleasant autumn coolness in a different way. A way that you have never tired… Nessebar is an ancient city that will charm you with its old houses, the many churches and well-preserved sights. In the same time there is a lovely beach where you can enjoy the last hot days! There you can stay in a luxury hotel, or to bet on the cheaper quest houses that in most cases are ancient and will give you a special sensation. – We would choose the second option!

Touch the spirit of the city of Nessebar and spend an unforgettable summer/autumn vacation on the sea. Enjoy the romantic moments with your beloved one and go there again next year!

There are people who do not like the romance, but give everything for the luxury… They prefer to spend its one-week summer vacation somewhere where to be surrounded by glamor and comfort, as the old ancient houses like these in Nessebar will be just something they’ve heard of!


A good destination for the holiday makers who do not want to relax among a peaceful environment, but want to have lots of fun all day long is the amazing St. Vlas! Popular also as the posh resort of Bulgaria, this place is a host of thousands of people who know what they want…

St. Vlas is famous also with is yacht Harbor where you can see amazing yachts of obviously wealthy people… Take photos, because hardly you will be able to see such a view soon. Luxury is everywhere – just enjoy it!

This magnificent city has very strategic location. Nearby are located the city of Nessebar (10 km), Sunny Beach resort and Elenite (another beautiful summer destination in Bulgaria). Together with that, the city of Burgas is also very close to St. Vlas – only 35 km away!

Whatever we say about Bulgaria and its stunning summer resort will be less. Have in mind that except the sea destinations in the country, you can find many fairy places in the mountain too. If you do not like to go to the sea during the summer season, are able to visit some of the mountain resorts of Bulgaria. There you will be surrounded with captivating nature and lots of natural sights. Believe us, Bulgaria has unique nature… Go and touch it!