Bathroom and toilet cleaning – the nightmare of every housewife

Bathroom and toilet cleaning – the nightmare of every housewife

  20 Jun 2019

Hey there, today we want to discuss this terrible cleaning activity called bathroom, washroom cleaning. This is the most requested cleaning service in London, which tells us that maybe the housewives in London can keep up with cleaning other rooms like carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning and so on, but they struggle in the bathroom cleaning. Why is that? – The misery in the toilet, lime scales of faucets, the dirtiness of the tiles and mirrors and the mold, oh that mold it is housewife “favorite” thing to clean…

We have the solution! Just call a respectful firm, like VIP Cleaning London and they will take care of this situation. Spend good, quality time with your family or your friends do not clean the toilet, do not waste your wife cleaning, spend it smiling.

Want to know more about this company – they have more than 10 years experience in the cleaning field, they will clean all difficult parts of your washroom, all that they need is to give them access to your bathroom and they will do the job.

Is it expensive?

Not really, here are the prices:  

Professional Bathroom Cleaning:
1 bathroom – £ 57 –  £65
2 bathrooms- £ 104 – £ 110
3 bathrooms- £ 153 – £ 160

Sink – £ 4
Shower cabin – £ 25
Bath- £ 25
Bid- £ 5
Toilet – £ 15
Jacuzzi – £ 40

What will happen if they broke something, like the shower?

They will make initial inspections within your presence and the company makes sure that the shower is not broken in the first place. If it was not broken then they will replace it.

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