Beauty, romance and lots of fun – this is the city of Sozopol!

Beauty, romance and lots of fun – this is the city of Sozopol!

  14 Nov 2016

When it comes to city, that is extremely beautiful, romantic and carrying the spirit of the distant past, everyone remembers of the ancient Sozopol city – Sozopolis  /for the lovers of the culture tourism and historical landmarks, this holiday destination will strongly impress you…/!


This place is really amazing and so adorable, more the words can even say!! Everything in this city is astounding – from the old and well preserved houses and maundering small streets, to the breathtaking sea views and night sunsets /Very romantic picture, right? /.  Often, people of arts and painters visit the lovely city of Sozopol in order to get an inspiration… And this is not accidentally, because wherever you turn, will see not only cozy hotels and restaurants, but also magnificent and impressing places in the town. Your summer holiday in the city of Sozopol won’t be the typical vacation at sea – it will be something more… Yes, at the Black seas coast there are many bigger holiday resorts that are very attractive, modern but in the same time are noisy too. And if you are fan of the fulfilling relaxation while being on some unique and interesting place, then by visiting Sopozpol you will have the summer holiday of your dreams! Except all the romance, beauty and affective atmosphere we are talking about, you can enjoy the beautiful sands and summer entertainments! Maybe you think that on a place like that there is not a nightlife or discos? You are wrong – in Sozopol you can find a variety of modern night bars and clubs, where you can have some really unforgettable end of the day! In other words – twenty-four-hours in Sozopol you can do lots of interesting and exciting things and we guarantee that your stay in this city will be one of the best holidays ever!

Do you know that being in the city of Sozopol you will have the unique chance to see about 180 old, but well-preserved houses?  Well, you have to now that the local people keep very well their culture and historical heritage /the city is also declaimed an architectural reserve, as that fact makes it for being even more visited and desired summer destination/.

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