Visit Sunny Beach resort – a place with plenty of snshine and endless fun!

Visit Sunny Beach resort – a place with plenty of snshine and endless fun!

  27 Dec 2018

Hello to all the people who are keen on summer holidays and exciting experiences! This time, we would like pay attention to the biggest and most attractive holiday destination along the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria…

Sunny Beach – the resort with the widest beach strip and amazing hotels spread among beautiful dunes.

A holiday destination where you can enjoy a plenty of sunshine from May to mid-October, so that you can have a nice time on the beach longer! The location of Sunny Beach resort is very good – it is only 36 km far from the beautiful city of Burgas that you can visit in case you have a free time.


An interesting fact is that Sunny Beach resort has the Blue Flag prize because of its ecological benefits and that makes it even more visited and preferred summer destination by the Bulgarian and foreign tourists!

This incredible summer resort has more that hundred hotels (about 30 000 beds) and big variety of establishments (good taverns and folklore restaurants, modern night clubs, cafes and modern discos).

In 1958 Sunny Beach started developing for tourism as over the years there where build many new constructions that make this amazing resort for being today so attractive summer destination!

With every passing summer, hotels in Sunny Beach increase its number and for all holidaymakers there is a huge diversity of places to stay (3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels, villas etc.). In every hotel you can find excellent conditions and full range of services that will make your vacation really pleasant and of full value. Except this, in Sunny Beach there are several year-round hotels that are open for those who have not had the opportunity to visit the resort during the summer season.

All the fans of water sports have to be happy, because being in this lovely place they will have the chance to enjoy water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, hang-gliding, yachting etc. – do not miss this chance and have lots of fun!

If you love shopping and feel a real pleasure while exploring the shops that in Sunny Beach are numerous, then this resort is your place and you will be very satisfied!