Borovets – the winter destination with endless opportunities for fun. You have to read this!

Borovets – the winter destination with endless opportunities for fun. You have to read this!

  19 Oct 2016

If you like beautiful landscapes, fresh air, or to be in the mountain walking on the enchantingly eco-paths, then surely you should plan your winter holiday in Borovets. The oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria will provide you some really unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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Situated at the food of Musala Peak, in the Rila mountain, the resort is marked by its mild and pleasant climate. During the winter season, the weather there is completely appropriate for practicing of skiing, as well as just for walks.hotel_rila_view_01

No matter if there is a real snow or not, the team has on disposal a specialized equipment, that will ensure a snow-cover.

Excepting the great opportunities in terms of skiing, other winter sports, a hotel accommodation, and cozy restaurants, this destination offers many of tourist tours too.

In this train of thought, with the following information we will help you to realize how many great natural resources are available of the holidaymakers.

For the lovers of the walking tours, there are a variety of options to enjoy the unique Bulgarian picturesque nature in the vicinity of Borovets.

For example, you can embark on the adventure called “The black rock”. This is a mountain route with a length of 4,5 km and which will take you to some incredible places. You will have the opportunity to see breathtaking views and some beautiful sights as “the field of Dolna Banya’, “The ice lake”, “the Maritsa valley” and Musala Peak in all its glory.

Another suitable place for practicing of mountaineering, this is Maliovitsa Peak. Located 2729 m above sea level, this is the most difficult mountain road, which, no doubt, will strongly raise your adrenaline. It is within 4 hours walk from Borovets and if you are man with an adventure spirit, you have to take this challenge!

If we talk about eyefuls, take into account that on the territory of the northwest Rila mountain, there is the phenomenal landmark “The Seven Rila Lakes”. This tourist complex will impress you with certainty. Each lake has its own name, while the meadows and the rocks create an irreplaceable feeling in everyone.

In Borovets, there are many other beautiful places, as some of them are sheltered in the dense forest. At every season of the year, particularly in winter, you will enjoy the unforgettable emotions of your stay in the Borovets resort!