Summer holidays in Dubrovnik – the best for you and your family!

Summer holidays in Dubrovnik – the best for you and your family!

  22 Jun 2017

We love beautiful cities. We love to explore them, as well as to feel their energy and atmosphere. If you love to do that too, then you’re on the right place!

Our blog is created especially for the people who love all kinds of trips and together with that adore visiting new destinations: resorts, cities, villages, mountains, the sea… And since we share with them this kind of love, have decided to publish every day some interesting article aiming to inform you about the wonderful places around the world.

This time and as usually, we are going to tell you where to go for having the perfect holiday. – Summer holiday. We know that you are very interested to learn where are the best travel deals and most suitable resorts, or destinations for family vacations. So if you have no patience to pack up and to hit the road with furious speed, stay here and see where we will take you today :).


Dubrovnik – BH super destination – one of our favorite cities in Europe! The place that is well-developed summer destination and that welcomes millions of holidaymakers every year. All the romance, calmness and magic you will find in Dubrovnik, will make you feel inspired and as never before… If you have been in Dubrovnik before, surely you have touched all that, but if not – it is time to do it!!

Dubrovnik is one of the few places in the world which seem like a separate world… We mean that there you can see many fairy spots and many impressing sights which you have not imagined that you can see. But if you go there and stay at least 5 days, you will be able to enjoy many stunning views, many ancient buildings and lots of romance! Isn’t what you are looking for?

Most impressing sight in the lovely city of Dubrovnik is the ancient city walls… They were created in the distant past to protect the city from attacks, but today are the main attraction for the tourists who visit Dubrovnik.

Another wonderful sight for you to see when on holiday (family or solo) in Dubrovnik is the marble street of Stradun. Take a walk on it and enjoy the beauty around you – it is simply breathtaking!

All people who love the sea will fall in love with the Adriatic. With its charm and magnetism, it will cause your feet to soften… This feeling is amazing you have to fully enjoy it!