End of lease cleaning – easy, fast and… perfect

End of lease cleaning – easy, fast and… perfect

  26 Mar 2020

We may need end of tenancy cleaning at some point. When moving out, or when we are landlords and would like to provide our future tenants with best home conditions! In order to be perfect in every situation related to rent or lease of property, we have to think about the cleanliness without missing anything when it comes to its high level!

End of tenancy cleaning – what we need to know

Many of people are going to say that end of lease is a complicated situation which we must face fully prepared. In this train of thoughts, we have nothing to do, but just to call the nearest professional cleaning company that to help us remove the dirt, in order to impress our tenants, or to make happy the landlord with a perfectly cleaned flat! This way, we will also be able to get our deposit back in full that hardly will be possible if:

  • There is a lot of dust;
  • Floor, windows and surfaces are full of spots;
  • Upholstery, mattresses and the rugs are in poor condition;
  • Oven, fridge and the other kitchen appliances are covered with layered dirt that has long since had to be removed.

Well, now you understand the importance of the detailed home cleaning. Do not leave it for later and take care of the freshness in your ex-home. Change of your address doesn’t mean that you have to focus on your new home and that’s all! Before you clean and furnish your future lodging, make sure that your ex-home is in good shape and all points of the contract are fulfilled!

How to clean our ex-home when it is time to move out

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home cleaning

Start from the basic things first:

  • Washing the floor;
  • Removing the dust;
  • Vacuuming the carpets;
  • Cleaning the appliances and defrost the refrigerator if necessary;
  • Make sure that the bathroom is clean to shine.

In order to check all these tasks fast and easy, we recommend you hire some really good cleaning company that to offer you a long list of useful home services. This way, you won’t be forced dealing with endless home cleaning and will get the chance to think about your new home that also should be detailed cleaned before you move in!

Basically, the cleaning company you have hired will offer you the following end of tenancy cleaning services you may bet on:

  1. Bedroom cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and so;
  2. Floor washing, dust removing, upholstery and carpet cleaning;
  3. Surfaces disinfection;
  4. Oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, dishwasher cleaning etc.;
  5. Cleaning of frames, door and other small or big elements in the property;
  6. Radiators and fittings cleaning;
  7. Other cleaning services upon request.

Why bet on professional cleaning

If you decide hiring some popular cleaning company, benefits for you will be as follows:

  • Fast and perfect implementation;
  • More free time for you and your family;
  • Deep disinfection and more freshness;
  • More candidate tenants and low risk of loss of deposit (for tenants).

Now you understand why it is good for you to hire a team of professional cleaners for the detailed cleaning of your ex-home or the property you are planning to rent. Thus, you will not only add extra time to your busy daily round, but will also be able to enjoy both freshness and cleanliness that will be everywhere. Do not worry about the price you will have to pay. If you choose Crown Cleaners London the benefits for you will be many, while the expenses much less than you think. Grab this chance!

More freshness and less waste of time

There are many of people who will question why professional cleaning services are so popular among the people. Well, first of all, note that with the help of any cleaning company you will fully forget about the boring, time-consuming and tiring home cleaning that seems to be endless and it really is! For that reason, every penny invested is worth it and shouldn’t miss the chance to see your property clean as never before! Take care of its freshness and call Crown Cleaners London even now! Be ready to pay less and to see amazing results which are incomparable with all so far…

As for the prices (we know you are excited about them), take a note that the company we have recommended you will offer you the following quotations:

Domestic cleaning Price offer
Regular cleaning £ 14 per hour
One-off cleaning – with products of the client £ 15 per hour
One-off cleaning – with products of Crown Cleaners London £ 16 per hour
Equipment cleaning £ 20

There are many other cleaning services that Crown Cleaners London may offer you, so check the Internet address of this place and see what awaited you there! Get your deposit back in full and never forget that now you are able to escape from the home cleaning for a long time, while Crown Cleaners London will take care of it instead you. And in the best way possible as well!