How to travel better with our kids and how to choose the right destination for our family vacation? See more!

How to travel better with our kids and how to choose the right destination for our family vacation? See more!

  05 Feb 2017

Everybody who has children knows that a trip with one or more kids can be a real adventure just like in the movies! And everyone would agree with us that to travel with a family of five is far more difficult undertaking than to hit the road alone, only with your loved one or friends, right?

Due to the importance of this topic, we would like dedicate today’s article to all family people who are looking for a better way to travel with the whole household!

When the preparations for the upcoming family vacation start, everybody has millions of questions in its head: “What should we pack?”, “What is the best holiday destination for families?”, or “How to save money in case we are five?”… And when you haven’t lots of experience as traveling parents, your mission to organize everything becomes much more difficult!


As specialists with travels, we can give you some proven tips and adequate advices concerning the family-suited places where to go for less.

One of these holiday destinations where you will enjoy cheap vacation and excellent conditions for both children and adults is the lovely country of Bulgaria, which is only three hours far from UK by plane! With its amazing summer and winter resorts, this country will become a favorite place for you to escape, just once when you visit it!

As a starting point for your long-planning strategy has to be the type of hotel! Choose a quiet and with suitable location place to stay, that will allow you to sleep well, undisturbed by the noise from the restaurants, night bars or main streets nearby… And here we want point out that Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria is not the perfect destination if you have little children and prefer to relax among peaceful environment! In fact, Sunny Beach is one of our favorite summer destinations but is much more suitable for young people who want to have fun 24-for-hours a day (there are many modern discos and bars, lots of nice restaurants and amazing water entertainments).

Remember that every child will feel more comfortable if the ambience surrounding it is pleasant and calm… It is quite normal your kids to be nervous and to cry all the time if you didn’t provide them suitable conditions and activities, right?

A place like the ancient city of Nessebar would be the perfect choice for your family vacation at sea… Another place for you to visit is Golden Sands resort that combines both great beach and amazing nature! There you can give your children a pleasant time among fresh air and many exciting entertainments!