Golden Sands resort- a good choice for recreation and fun!

Golden Sands resort- a good choice for recreation and fun!

  15 Oct 2016

Beautiful fine sands with golden color and heavy smoothness – this is the Golden Sands resort. Famous with its interesting history and customs, golden sands beach bulgaria is also popular for its good location, that allows the tourists to enjoy the beauty of the pure bay and pictorial views.

Almost without interference on the part of the people, the resort is preserved in the most natural look, while both plenty of greenery and a pleasant climate, make it a very desirable destination.5_332

Near Golden Sands there is a forest, which complements its beauty and unique atmosphere. The area is about 177 hectares, while the resort is protected since 1943 till now.

On the territory of this beautiful park there are about 90 hotels, a set of restaurants and sport spots. Every holidaymaker can find numerous conveniences and means of entertainment, both at the seaside and in the thick of the wood.

Another great priority of Golden Sands, this is the potential each of the tourists to take advantage of the mineral medicinal properties, typical for the area.

Every month is conducted an analysis on the water, the air and the soil, making the resort an exceptional clean destination.

Along with the privileges of Golden Sands, there are also various options for the moving of the tourists – bicycles, taxis, small trains and more.

Another feature of the area is the sea bottom, which is devoid of big changes regarding the depth, a lack of rocks, fishes and animals, threatening the human health. Because of the cleanness of the water and the unavailability of negative factors, you will be perfectly satisfied of your stay there.

Moderate continental climate makes the summer pleasant, the middle temperature is about 27 degrees, while the sea water is warm about 24 degrees. The duration of the summer season is until October, as well as there aren’t large fluctuations of the temperature. The hot days are not felt because of the pleasant sea breeze.

You can visit this beautiful and attractive resort for various reasons, and in each case you will be contented and very pleasantly surprised by the resources of Golden Sands. Besides recreation and fun, you will be able also to conduct your business events.

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