Happy kindergarten “under condition” – what is it and does the kindergarten have anything to do with more children’s smiles

Happy kindergarten “under condition” – what is it and does the kindergarten have anything to do with more children’s smiles

  09 Jun 2021

The first day of preschool is one of the most exciting and emotional times for every little child because it comes with so many changes. For one, they are used to being with their parents almost all of the time and their routine has been mostly playing, napping and eating, so now they learn and include more things into their day. Also, they meet a lot of new people such as teachers and other pupils and although it might be difficult at first and they feel shy, socializing with these new faces will help them make new friends and understand the world outside of their home.

If this exciting time has come in your household then you are embarking on a new journey and are probably curious to know what kindergarten life is like and what are the things to look for to find the right establishment for you. Preschool education is very important for early childhood development, even though there are parents that prefer to keep their little ones at home until the first day of elementary school. That way they miss out on three years of fun, learning new things and making memories for life.

What is ABC Kinder Care all about

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In Bulgaria there is a very high demand in kindergarten preschool education Sofia and government establishments run out quickly so many are left wondering what the next step is. If you are an English-speaking citizen, living in the capital and you have a small student waiting to be signed up then ABC Kinder Care has a lot to offer to you and your family.

The people who founded and are working in ABC know how hard it is to find a place that welcomes you and speaks your language and this is why they are here for all foreigners and their children to feel right at home. Government kindergartens can’t provide these special requirements and are always out of spots but at ABC Kinder Care you get a lot of things in return for your money:

  • A family-like environment where you can follow your child’s progress and also exchange ideas with other parents;
  • A team of experienced professionals for whom looking after little ones is a vocation;
  • Fun and educational outdoor and indoor activities which develop the children’s skills and abilities;
  • Partnership with elite universities and excellent learning curriculums taught in an entertaining way;
  • Modern facilities, ensuring the pupils are always fed, warm and safe
  • Individual attention to every student but at the same time equal treatment for everyone;
  • A place where your sons and daughters will make friendships and memories for many years to come.

If you think that this sounds like the place for you and your precious one, then you don’t need to wonder any longer-it’s time to sign up!

How to apply

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After browsing through their website, you will find the online application form that you need to fill out as the first step. The next thing would be to arrange a visit so you can meet the staff, tour the facilities and get a glimpse of everything, which will help you feel the atmosphere at ABC Kinder Care. If everything is in order you can talk over payment methods which are based on full or half day visitations.

There is a possibility for four, two or one annual installment over the year if you have picked the full day basis. There is also a one-time registration fee. All sums are paid via bank transfer to the kindergarten’s personal account and can be paid in advance of attendance. Once all of this is done, you can choose a starting date for your child’s first day of preschool education in Sofia.