Happy and bright future for the UK children in Sofia – trust ABC KinderCare

Happy and bright future for the UK children in Sofia – trust ABC KinderCare

  06 Mar 2021

Our children are our future. Аnd together we can make it better, creating beauty and incredible things. By investing in the education and proper development of the generations after us, we leave our significant contribution to the whole society. That is why we must help the youngest to become global citizens, helping them to climb the academic ladder that will lead them to success in years to come.

Center ABC KinderCare is where you will find the best for your child if you are English citizens and reside in Bulgaria. Kindergarten services are designed for children from 2 to 6 years and include both quality education and individual creative approach to each kid. Preschool age is a very important period in the life of every child and Еnglish-language kindergarten Sofia will offer you the best, being by your side in many of the significant moments related to children.

Why choose ABC KinderCare

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When it comes to our children, our greatest wealth in this world; we are definitely ready to do everything in our power to provide them with a bright future and a good start in life, starting with pre-school preparation and education. Values and goals of each parent are mostly related to the health of their children, as well as with their complete safety when they leave them in the educational institution. The team of ABC KinderCare fully understands this aspiration and that is why offers a comprehensive service at a professional level that includes:

  • Excellent training with highly qualified staff;
  • Individual approach to each child – each one is unique and deserves special treatment based on his qualities and creative potential;
  • Good preparation for school, which helps children to adapt and develop important personal qualities;
  • Continuous communication with parents in order to exchange information, experience, impressions, etc.;
  • Loyalty, trust and correctness;
  • Building friendly relations with children and their parents;
  • Pleasant atmosphere and training according to the highest possible academic standards in Europe;
  • Relevant prices at the level of services;
  • Mental health care;
  • Constant supervision of children and focus on their safety;
  • Strictly regulated access regime – only people with parental permission can contact the children;
  • Strictly followed policy related to child protection, accident procedures, protection of personal data, etc.

If you are if you are an English citizen and live in Sofia, then ABC KinderCare is your top choice which you should not miss. Here you will find not only preschool education at a very high academic level, but also new friends for life. Your child will be able to enjoy many happy and fun moments that will give him courage and confidence for the future. Get your quotation now and do your best in your position as a responsible and thinking parent.

What are the conditions for admission to kindergarten

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Once you are fully determined to invest in your toddler’s future and fully trust ABC KinderCare; then you must to get acquainted with the admission process. It consists of the following:

  • Contact the team or send your form to the website;
  • Make an appointment to visit the garden, as well as to discuss both the conditions and the details;
  • Once you have confirmed your wish to admission of your child in school, you must also pay the non-refundable registration fee;
  • Obtaining important information related to the necessary medical documents that you must submit.

Every English-speaking resident of Bulgaria is welcome in ABC KinderCare. The team is composed of experienced professionals who will do everything possible to integrate your child into the social environment by following innovative educational methods. Through creativity and fun games it will rediscover the world with increasing interest and so on day after day. Book now and enjoy trust the best pedagogues in Sofia.

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