The country of Croatia – stunning… amazing… beautiful!

The country of Croatia – stunning… amazing… beautiful!

  25 Feb 2017

Everyone has different ways to relax. Some of us veg out by listening to pleasant music or by visiting nice restaurants and night clubs… Some others love to read interesting books or to watch movies in their spare time. And all these ways for relaxation are perfect as long as they make you feel good!

But there also are many people who prefer to travel all the time and to see beautiful destinations around the world. Thus, they forget about the daily stress accumulated and make better their lives!

And if you, just like us, think that the best way to relax is to go somewhere for having an exciting holiday, then stay here and read our article…


Today is a special day for us, because it is time to write about one of the most amazing holiday destinations in Europe and one of the most beautiful countries in the world – Croatia (see more about holidays in Croatia Summer 2017)!

It is the most romantic, picturesque and interesting destinations we have ever visited. And one of the most popular places for family escapes, solo trips or romantic getaways that may exist as well. Whatever we say about this gorgeous destination would be not enough, because all the beauty that can be found in Croatia must be seen with your own eyes! But, before to pack up and to hit the road to this lovely land, see what we want to say today and let the positive thoughts take possession of your mind…

Well, Croatia is one of the best sea destinations in Europe, as well as is something more than just a sun and sea… It has over 1000 beautiful islands that attract millions of tourists every year and is ranked as the most attractive place for summer holidays where you can have a perfect vacation for less!

With its incredible ancient cities, dramatic sceneries and amazing nature, Croatia can give you all that you are dreaming of… Don’t believe us? – Well, see some pictures on the Internet and see for yourself what a wonderful place Croatia is – the Adriatic, the city of Dubrovnik (one of our favorite towns in this country), Split, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Zagreb etc. All these places we have listed are the most popular sights in Croatia and you surely must visit them! Every of them will amaze you with its unique beauty and incredible energy, so be ready for unforgettable experience and enjoy their magnetism!

When on holiday in Croatia, except the beaches along the Adriatic Sea coast, you can also enjoy many majestic castles, breathtaking views, great Natural Parks etc. This land has interesting history and all the cultural monuments, as well as the Roman ruins will remain you of the distant past. For example, in Dubrovnik you can see such ancient remains and sights – the fairy, small houses, the incredible marble streets, the splendid fortified walls etc. And we are completely convinced that every keen on the Ancient World will be just fascinated by the city of Dubrovnik!

Croatia is famous with its tasty food and great establishments. But together with that, while dining you will have the chance to enjoy plenty of romantic views that are simply gorgeous! So, a holiday to Croatia for a pair of lovers will be an incredible hit! And have in mind that a week vacation in this magnificent land will make you fall in love each other even more…


Visit the capital of Croatia (Zagreb) and enjoy the incredible architecture, the variety of nice shops, cozy cafes and wonderful cuisine. Everything in this beautiful city bears the impact of the Austro-Hungarian period in the country’s history… So, to feel the spirit of the distant past in not only quite possible, but even will accompany you throughout your stay in the city!

The best time for you to visit Croatia is from April till September. During the spring, the weather conditions don’t allow you to bathe, but outside is already warm and you can take long walks while enjoying the beauty surrounding you… Together with that, the travel deals you can get when the summer season is in the very beginning are very attractive and you can book your holiday at very low and reasonable prices. In September you will be also able to take advantage of great tourist packages, as well as to enjoy relaxed and pleasant atmosphere (most of the holidaymakers are already gone and you will feel that quite tangible). So if you want to avoid the huge crowds, or to save money, visit Croatia before July and in September – this time is perfect for family vacations and for people who don’t like the hurly-burly and dynamics!

Prices in Croatia are much higher during the most active season – July and August. But in another time, everywhere they are quite normal and you will be able to afford almost everything. Here we would like to point out that for all families with children the best option for accommodation is to hire an apartment (not a hotel). It will be more comfortable for you and much cheaper! Still, if you insist to stay at hotel, be informed that in Croatia there are many various places for you to spend your vacation. So, depending on your budget, you will be able to choose between many different accommodations – from luxurious to trivial and from expensive to cheaper. The choice is yours!

The center of nightlife in Croatia is the city of Zagreb! Throughout the year you can find amazing, cocktail bars, stylish discos and many good restaurants. But during the summer season, the hottest point for night entertainments becomes the city of Dubrovnik that has incredible beach bars and dynamic nightlife!

Well, are you ready to go to Croatia this summer? We are ready and once when we get there, will share with you what we saw, what we felt and even our mistakes during the trip… And we want to point out that is a huge pleasure for us to help people by writing interesting articles, by giving useful tips and by sharing our personal experiences!