Skiing in Pamporovo – the most exciting snowy adventure ever!

Skiing in Pamporovo – the most exciting snowy adventure ever!

  02 Jan 2017

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Today we are going to inform you about Pamporovo skiing that is one of most famous winter destinations in Bulgaria. It has a great location – just in the heart of the majestic Rhodopi Mountain as the magnificent nature specific for this region will impress you with its picturesqueness, magnetism and effective energy! Everyone who is a fan of the beauty and breathtaking views, has to know that Pamporovo will become a favorite place both for yourself and your family!


First time skiers will find in Pamporovo great ski runs for beginners, as well as excellent ski school where you can train before rushing into a snow adventure all alone. Trust the team of professionals that will give very good advices in skiing, so that you can be more confident when on the ski slopes!

Of course, Pamporovo is a perfect holiday destination not only for skiing, but for hiking and relaxation too… It is not mandatory you to be keen on winter sports to visit this lovely place – there you can have a pleasant time while walking among the beautiful nature that is even more incredible during the winter season and when outside everything white is!

Except this, all the hotels and establishments in Pamporovo offer very good conditions for recreation and having fun: comfortably furnished rooms, cozy restaurants and with great cuisine and very attractive night clubs where you can partying till the morning!

Without any doubt we can say that Pamporovo worth be visited and even more –we are sure that once when you go there, will want every year to organize your ski vacation at this unique place. Also remember that Pamporovo is a budget-friendly resort and you can stay there longer and for less!