The choice of kindergarten – one of the most important decisions in the life of every parent

The choice of kindergarten – one of the most important decisions in the life of every parent

  13 May 2021

Children are the biggest gift of life in any person’s life and having one is such an important experience and memorable moment for all of us. The first months and years fly by before you even know it and all of a sudden you are raising a toddler and your role is no longer just keeping your baby fed, clean and happy but now it is to make responsible decisions when it comes to their upbringing, disciplining and educating.

No parent is expected to be a professional caretaker and teacher

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This is why kindergarten is a very important stage in the little ones’ development. It’s also expected of parents to find the best establishment for their child, making sure it has the best environment to grow in. Other perks that come with attending preschool is:

  • Making new friends and learning how to socialize with children from all kinds of backgrounds and be accepting toward everybody;
  • Studying all the required materials and subjects for this level of education in a fun way while having access to top notch programs and being taught by the best;
  • Preparing themselves for the future world by learning new things and interesting facts every single day;
  • Getting a glimpse of what school would be like, making their adjustment to new environments a lot easier;
  • Getting used to spending time on their own without the people they are used to seeing the most- their parents, thus making them a lot more independent;
  • Discovering and building up skills that makes every child unique and gives them a sense of confidence.

What kindergarten offers it all

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Specially, for foreign citizens who are living in Bulgaria and are looking for the perfect kindergarten Sofia there is ABC Kinder Care- a place where not only is English the primary language but also ticks any other boxes of requirements a parent might have. This is a preschool that definitely meets people’s biggest expectations. This team of professional caregivers welcome every single child with open arms and are dedicated to making your daughters’ and sons’ experiences at kindergarten memorable and constructive. If you want that for your little one this is definitely the place to enroll in. As a parent you always want to be sure to make the best decisions so your kids could have the best lives you can offer them.

What do you get in return

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Private kindergartens make no compromise in quality and unlike government establishments, they specialize in English- speaking citizens and their families. If you decide to enroll you get access to the best in preschool education:

  • Partnership with Council of British International Schools and the Pedagogies Department in Sofia University which gives access to modern teaching materials and methods
  • Only experienced and nurturing teachers and caregivers who look after the children
  • Modern facilities and loads of fun indoor and outdoor activities as well as skill development games and pastimes
  • A family- like atmosphere where you can share ideas and make friends with other families.
  • A memorable experience at kindergarten in Sofia for your child

How can you apply

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If you have decided that you want your child to attend ABC Kinder Care the enrollment process is pretty simple. You can use the online form to fill in your information and call on the phone to book a tour of the premises and speak with the headmaster to discuss anything that concerns you. After you’ve seen the place for yourself you can choose your payment methods and prepare for your child’s first day of kindergarten. You can leave the rest up to ABC Kinder Care’s team of devoted professionals and remember you can always check in on your little one’s progress and development at preschool.