What the steps to become a holder of NEXUS card are?

What the steps to become a holder of NEXUS card are?

  27 Apr 2017

Imagine the next picture: you start preparations for your family trip, book a hotel and then hit the road to the destination you have decided to visit. And what follows then? – You just put up at a hotel and that’s all? – Unfortunately, before to get both your destination and a hotel, you have to pass through several not so pleasant situations: customs checks, waiting on the lines when checking-in and so on. You have to „stand“all that before your travel from point A to point B finishes! We know that the last one doesn’t sound very good, but this is the reality and you have to become reconciled!

Still, do not get us wrong and in any case do not think that every trip is unpleasant and even like a nightmare for the traveling parents… We know a good way for you to get your destination fast and comfortable, so stay here and learn what it is.


The NEXUS program – the modern way of traveling and the “extra” you need in case you have 2 or more children and have to take them on a holiday (see the NEXUS application online)! The perfect opportunity for you and your family when crossing the border between the U.S. and Canada and when you do not have time to waste! If you get NEXUS cards for all the members of your family, you will travel faster and much, much more pleasant than before. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this incredible way of crossing the borders and apply today. Learn how to do it and keep reading!

To become a member of the NEXUS program is easy, but although it takes some time – do not forget that NEXUS is a trusted traveler program and the candidates must meet certain criteria! If you have no criminal record and if you cover the other requirements when applying for a NEXUS card, you will surely become a holder of NEXUS card soon!

Start the application process by filling in your data in the special form. When you are ready, just send it by email and pay the service fee. The final step when applying for NEXUS membership is to receive a confirmation that everything is done correctly and that you have created a profile in the system.

Before to get your NEXUS card you will have to wait around two months for your conditional approval. After that, and after you pass successful the interview, finally you will be able to enjoy your NEXUS card and all the benefits that it will give you when traveling!

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