Canada or the U.S. – enjoy them by using a NEXUS card!

Canada or the U.S. – enjoy them by using a NEXUS card!

  26 Jun 2017

Hi readers! Here we are again with our new article. Of course, it will be related to the tourism (we love it) and more especially to the ways of travels that are very important part every journey! Are you ready :)?

Today we have decided not to write about the summer resorts (as usually), but about something really important that is often overlooked: how to cross the border faster! – Did you ever think about this, or you are so concentrate to pack up, to over-plan and to choose the perfect hotel, that to think how to cross the border when traveling abroad is the last thing you would like actually to think of…

Well, to be honest – most people do the same. They have no time to ponder on how to cross some border or something, neither to waste a precious time for nothing – still, they have lots of luggage to pack—up… And we understand them!

But whatever you do, you must cross the border and you must wait a long time before to cross it. And if you have no option for faster passing the customs check – how you will feel? We do not know about you, but your kids… Hardly they will be fascinated by the crowds or by the nervous waiting that seems it will last FOREVER!


Stop thinking only for your luggage (it will not escape anyway) and start planning your comfortable movement – by using a NEXUS card (see online renewal nexus card form)! Yes, finally in essence… The whole time we have been thinking exactly because of that – the NEXUS program. If you are a citizen of Canada or America, surely you know that this card is valid only within these two gorgeous countries and if you want to travel in Europe by using it, sorry but won’t be able to do that!

But, to use your NEXUS card as a Canadian or American citizen is not a small deal at all. You will have the chance to enjoy lots of benefits when traveling and the most important thing – will be able to travel between Canada and the U.S. really fast!

If you already have a NEXUS card and have been using it so long, that it is even expired, just apply for renewal! Do it today and do not forget that if you forget to renew your card, to travel fast and like a VIP will be just a pipe dream… Do you love pipe dreams ;)?

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