Travel to Canada and the U.S. with your replaced NEXUS card!

Travel to Canada and the U.S. with your replaced NEXUS card!

  12 Jul 2017

Everybody wants to spend its holiday in the best way possible (in a good hotel, with the family and having lots of fun). But in order to be our vacation (no matter what the season outside is), we must follow several important steps: to plan carefully out tourist program, to get everything necessary and be careful not to lose some important document… The last one is probably the most significant part of every travel and we should be really careful before and after our holiday!

NEXUS stolen card

Most people are afraid of losing money or the set of document we are using while crossing the border. – And this is normally… If we have to pass the customs check but suddenly we realize that we can’t because our wallet is missing, what we have to do? To start to panic is not a good option because this won’t help us by no means… So, the best thing we can do is to take a deep breath and to look for some alternative option like a fast replacement of our documents.

If you want to go to Canada starting your trip from America or vice versa, but for some reason you can’t find your documents, what you are going to do? Do you think that to postpone your family vacation is the best option possible, or to apply for replacement is actually the right decision? And if you‘re a member of the NEXUS program, but your favorite card is gone, do you know that you can replace it and nothing is lost…?

If you want to fix the problem with your stolen or lost NEXUS card as soon as possible, as well as to spend an amazing trip to Canada or the U.S. with your family, apply for replacement and get your new NEXUS card in short terms. Be again a happy traveler and never say die! Even if you can not find your card anywhere and are a little bit desperate, keep calm and just apply today for replacement!

We agree that it is very unpleasant when something really valuable for you is missing… We know that in the first moment you probably are thinking “What a mess, what I am going to do from now on?”, but if you think soberly, will see that there are many possibilities in front of you! – And the replacement of your NEXUS card is one of them…

Take advantage of this service, forget about this unpleasant situation and keep traveling as you are used to – fast!

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