The trusted program of NEXUS – why we have to use it?

The trusted program of NEXUS – why we have to use it?

  17 Jul 2017

Holidays are great chance for us to spend more time with our beloved one/half, kids and friends. We should use this time to experience the pleasure of the communication with the people who we love, as well as to forget about all our problems (very important thing). If we are able to escape from work for a week or more, if we find the perfect destination where to spend these 7 days, what the other thing we must do is? – To plan our time carefully or to pack up 10 days before to hit the road? Well, the last one is too much, but some people do it, or in other words – they over plan!


Do not mistake to over plan… Enjoy your trip and do not turn it into a nightmare for all the members of your family. Try to find a way that will provide you with comfortable travel, so that to avoid some unpleasant situations and experiences! To be able to do all that, you have not only to be patience, but to become a member of the NEXUS program too. You have to be an owner of a NEXUS card that to use while crossing the border, before and after your flight and when you want to pass the customs check first. To forget about the crowds is irreplaceable and that is quite possible only by using a NEXUS card. Get it and try it. Travel tomorrow and feel the pleasure of your trip with all your soul. Be always first and just apply for NEXUS. Be different than the other travelers and much happier. Believe that just one card can make your family vacation unforgettable and fulfilling. Apply and see for yourself!

We know that you are already interested to try the NEXUS card. We are even sure that you have no patience to fill-in the application form and get an approval, so that the next time when you and your family decide to go on a holiday, will have an alternative option. But do you know that you can use your NEXUS card only when crossing the borders of Canada and the U.S.? – Surprise, right? – Or you actually know this small detail…

Yes, in fact you can travel by using the NEXUS program, but this is possible for the travelers who often or rarely hit the road to the wonderful country of Canada or the U.S. (or vice versa). Keep this in mind and just enjoy your card. It will simply amaze you!

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