One of the cheapest and most visited winter resorts in Europe – welcome in Pamporovo!

One of the cheapest and most visited winter resorts in Europe – welcome in Pamporovo!

  17 Nov 2016

Hello to all of you readers, who like to learn more and more about interesting and beautiful destinations where to go having an exciting and fulfilling vacation! If you are fan of the winter adventures, walks among snowy eco-paths and breathtaking nature, then we highly recommend you to read this article…

Winter season is really lovely, especially if you are on some incredible place like the mountain resort of Pamporovo Bulgaria, that is located in the southeast Europe.


Over the last few decades Pamporovo is highly visited winter destination by many holidaymakers from different parts of the world. Today this incredible resort is well-developed as regards to ski basis, tourist services, hotel accommodation, restaurants and entertainments for both children and adults.

The winter resort of Pamporovo is known also by its predominating sunny days, mild climate and excellent conditions for practicing of various winter sports such as: skiing, sledding, snowboarding, mountaineering etc. You have also know that in Pamporovo there are several ski-runs that are intended for both advanced and beginning skiers… In case that you would like to make better your ski-skills, have in mind that in Pamporovo there is a ski school where you may take a few lessons without any problem /the team of professionals will pay you attention with great pleasure…/. No doubts, this amazing winter resort is a perfect place for a family holiday, because there is a special ski-area designed for the youngest fans of skiing, where your kinds will have a really nice time while enjoying the snowy entertainments!

As for the hotels and restaurants in Pamporovo, consider that everything from the hotel room and the food to the smallest detail is on a really high level, but in the same time all this is at very low prices /winter resorts in Bulgaria offer the same conditions as in other European countries, but the prices are much lower…/. Great SPA centers where you can have a fulfilling relaxation, attractive and modern night clubs offering lots of fun until the morning are only a small part of the things you can do in addition to your unforgettable and exciting winter holiday in Pamporovo… Even you are not a fan of skiing, be sure, that being in this beautiful resort, you will find all that you need for having some awesome winter holiday in the mountain!

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