The place with a great cultural heritage and lots of romance – visit the city of Nessebar!

The place with a great cultural heritage and lots of romance – visit the city of Nessebar!

  15 Nov 2016

The city of Nessebar – one of the most ancient, beautiful and preferred holiday destination across the Europe… A place famous with its unique windmill, that is also the symbol of this amazing summer resort.

Located in southeastern Bulgaria, on a small peninsula and near the biggest summer holiday resort – Sunny Beach, this city welcomes thousands of holidaymakers each summer!

In the distant past the ancient nessebar was called Mesambria and later received its present name. Rich of interesting history, many well-preserved churches /about 23 in number/ and lots of impressing landmarks, the city is a top destination when it comes to culture tourism… It is also one of the most ancient cities in Europe /more than 3200 years/, as this fact makes the city of Nessebar for being so desirable and visited holiday destination.


Well, except the whole cultural heritage that Nessebar is hiding, being there you will have the pleasure to enjoy the romantic atmosphere, beautiful sands, both cozy hotels and guest houses, as well as to visit some of the local restaurants, in order to try delicious seasonal dishes and the incredible Bulgarian cuisine /most of the restaurants in Nessebar are located just front of the beautiful sea revealing breathtaking views of sunsets over the sea…/. Yes, the romance you can find in the lovely Nessebar is the main reason why many lovers go there for a summer holiday!

Walking on the small streets, you will notice that everywhere there are shops that offer interesting souvenirs, handmade gifts, that you can buy as a keepsake of the beautiful city of Nessebar /you can have also some portrait, caricature or a painting with picturesque landscape of the city or the sea –many artists demonstrate their art literally on the street… /.

No doubts, your stay in Nessebar will be one of the most exciting summer vacation and the good news are that you can have some really fulfilling holiday at a low price… Even you decide to visit some of the attractive night bars or discos, you will be very surprised by the huge diversity of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks and cocktails, that are very cheap too… In other words, all the services and entertainments are on highly competitive prices compared to the other summer resorts in Europe.

Have fun and enjoy the amazing Nessebar! See also Balkan Holidays Tweeter for more information and pictures of great Nessebar.