Is good preschool education important for our children

Is good preschool education important for our children

  22 Apr 2021

Starting kindergarten and sending your child on their first day of daycare is a very emotional and exciting experience for a number of reasons. Your son or daughter is about to become a little more independent, learn how to behave among other agemates and enter the world of the educational system. Sometimes, these changes are harder for the parents, rather than the child because we are so used to spending all our time suiting their needs and being the only role models in their lives.

Which is the best kindergarten for the English community in Sofia

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Of course, as adults, we all know how important this moment is in a child’s development. The benefits they get from starting daycare at the right age help them out tremendously to start building those skills, learning good behavior and socializing with others to get a better idea of the surrounding world. Home atmosphere and spending a lot of time with their parents is very important, but sooner or later they need to learn about the outside world since they will be part of it for the rest of their lives. The only question that lies ahead is which is the perfect kindergarten for your child.

For English speakers who are living in Sofia, this is an even bigger challenge because they find themselves in a foreign land, where people don’t normally speak their language and they definitely want their children to have the same opportunities as local ones.

This is why, especially for those families, there is a wonderful solution and that is Sofia british kindergarten ABC Kinder Care. This is an establishment that offers all English- speaking citizens and their children and equal start in life and the highest quality of care with no compromise.  Giving them the best possible care and preparation at a young age gives them a better chance to become global citizens with many opportunities and strong characters to achieve anything they put their mind to.

What we will find in ABC Kinder Care Centre

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In ABC Kinder Care it is believed that every boy or girl is like a seed and if you give it everything it needs and you nurture and encourage it, it will bloom into a flower. With endless activities, modern facilities that cover everyone’s needs and interests and being part of many prestigious learning programs, this establishment is like the Harvard of kindergartens. Only the highest quality is provided for ABC’s members and the caregivers and teachers have a true passion for children so they always put in 110% into every child. Other benefits you will get from signing up here are:

  • Family-like community of parents, children and teachers. This isn’t your regular daycare with dozens of members where everybody is a stranger. Here you have the opportunity to socialize with other parents and be a part of your kid’s experience;
  • It is never boring. There are always fun and educational activities that help children unwind and also see what draws their interest most;
  • Individual attention to every child. As one of the perks of a private establishment, caregivers get to spend time with each boy and girl individually and follow their progress, help them out when needed and give them more encouragement;
  • High standard of learning programs and curriculums. No stage should be underestimated and at ABC Kinder Care they don’t make compromise with education. Partnering with elite universities and COBIS gives them access to the best learning materials and methods;
  • Nurturing and experienced teachers. This is not just a job for them, but a vocation. Each caregiver has a true love for children and treat them as if they were their own.

This is a kindergarten that has been around since 2008 and has worked with about 20 nationalities from all over the world. You will definitely get everything on your checklist and more by joining this establishment. If you want to make sure your child is valued, accepted and will have the best time and make irreplaceable memories at kindergarten, then contact ABC Kinder Care and they will make your wishes come true.