Be happy with your family along the way and renew your NEXUS cards!

Be happy with your family along the way and renew your NEXUS cards!

  04 Jul 2017

Every family needs comfortable traveling. Every member of any family dreams of fast movement, without waiting and without pressure. If you are traveling parent and are looking for a long time for some suitable way to provide your beloved ones with different kind of movement (more often abroad), this article will help you find this way…

A NEXUS card – the best way for you to travel between Canada and the U.S. and the best way to move faster on the borders as well! Only the members of the NEXUS program know what an amazing way is this and for this reason they wouldn’t replace it for anything… Still, if they have some problems with the use of its cards, most often they are related to the expiration date and their entirety… If you have a family and the comfort is a priority number one for you, then the NEXUS cards have to the biggest benefit for you too. If you already use these cards and know that it is really amazing to travel by using NEXUS, probably you will want to renew it as well?

To renew your NEXUS family package is easier than the renewal of a NEXUS card for one person… Yes, maybe this sounds strange but it’s true and you can be sure of that! Since the renewal of every family package is performed at once (all the members apply together), the procedure is significantly faster than if you apply for renewal all separately!

So, right after you notice that your NEXUS cards are not valid anymore or at least their expiration date is approaching, apply for renewal! Have in mind that you can do that even 180 days before the official expiry date, so you have time enough renew your NEXUS membership and to continue travel as usual – fast!

Everybody knows that the waiting on the border can freak you out! It can be very boring, as if you travel with the kids – a real disaster… They are screaming all the time, they are impatience and finally – they do not want to wait so long! – But who wants it?

Save all this and renew your NEXUS cards! Stop thinking about other options to travel better – they do not exist. Get your renewed cards and be the first for a customs check. Believe us you do not anything else to travel perfect! – Well, probably more smiles :). Good luck!

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