Love the romance? Go to Nessebar!

Love the romance? Go to Nessebar!

  26 Jun 2017

What could be the world without places where to go for having romantic holidays? If we wasn’t able to visit such destinations and to experience memorable moments with our beloved one, what could be our life – boring, monotonous and devoid of any variety? What do you think – are we right?

After the summer season has started, all the holidaymakers start looking for romantic destination too. As you know, this is the season of love when lots of people fall in love and when we have the chance to diversify our relationship by spending romantic vacation for two, somewhere at the sea…

Well, if you attend to surprise your beloved one with such a vacation but are hesitating regarding the place where to take him/her, you can book your holiday in Bulgaria – one of the most romantic countries in Europe! There are many beautiful summer resorts, many impressing cities and even ancient places, that you can visit in order to turn your dream of a romantic holiday into reality…


For example the city of Nessebar (see info) – amazing, ancient and very, very beautiful. It will impress you in the very beginning, as you will want to stay there forever (yes, it is really so beautiful ♥). If you cannot stay there forever, just try to stay there at least one-week… And although that a week in the gorgeous Nessebar is far from enough for you to fully enjoy it, these seven days will be satisfying for you to see all the historical sights and to go to the beach… Well, it will be better if you book a hotel for two weeks, but if it is not possible – try to enjoy your short time in Nessebar in the best way possible!

In Bulgaria, there are many other ancient and romantic spots where you can spend an excellent vacation for two… But if we have to be honest with you, there is no other place like the city of Nessebar – so romantic and so inspiring! Maybe it’s about the sea, maybe it’s about the atmosphere, but it is a fact – Nessebar is one of the most exciting places in Bulgaria!

If you do not have another option, book your holiday in Nessebar… Believe us, this place worth visiting, so stop hesitating and start packing – this lovely city is waiting for you! Be ready to experience many pleasant emotions and to spend not as much as you ever thought ;).