Go to Borovets for having an incredible ski vacation for less!

Go to Borovets for having an incredible ski vacation for less!

  26 Dec 2016

Have you already visited the ski resort of Borovets in Bulgaria? In case that you haven’t but want to experience the emotion of skiing while being surrounded by lovely snowy environment, then a holiday to Borovets will be your chance to have the much-awaited winter vacation! See more about Borovets Bulgaria with Balkan Holidays!

This incredible ski resort is the oldest in Bulgaria and is located in the gorgeous Rila Mountains.  It was highly developed after 1944 as today is one of the most popular and visited ski destinations providing excellent conditions for skiing and practicing of other attractive winter sports!


All the climbers have to know that Mount Mousala is the perfect starting point, while the variety of runs gives the chance to ski where it is most appropriate regarding your ski skills (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

In Borovets there are many nice hotels where you can stay for less. You will enjoy a full package of tourist services and attentive staff, while the modernly furnished hotel rooms will make you feel comfortable and cozy while having a rest after a long day on the ski slopes in Borovets!

If you want to go on a holiday to Borovets with your children but are worried about their safety, be calm, because all the ski runs are safeguarded and safety! Except this, there is a good ski school where everybody can visit in order to get several useful lessons of skiing. Be sure that all coaches are good professionals and you will not be disappointed by no means…

Have you ever tried the Bulgaria cuisine? No? Well, you have missed a lot, because the traditional dishes of this country are amazing with its unique combination of flavors and aroma… Once when you try the Bulgarian meals, you will want more and more – be sure! Here comes the good news! Being in Borovets you will be able to visit some of the local restaurants in folk-style where you can have a tasty dinner or launch while enjoying a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere… Try the traditional beverages too! For example, you can order the waiter the well-known for Bulgarians “rakia” that is most popular alcoholic drink among the local people.