Bulgaria and its summer resorts

Bulgaria and its summer resorts

  27 Jul 2017

Where will you go when it is time for summer holidays? Did you already plan your leave of absence, or waiting for the perfect tourist offer? What do you think about the holidays in Europe and more especially about these in Bulgaria? Have you ever been there and in case you have not, do you want to go to this magnificent land?

If we have to recommend you a destination that to visit this summer, no doubt it will be the country of Bulgaria! Since there are many beautiful sea resorts for you to see, a family vacation to some of the amazing summer destinations in Bulgaria will be more than right decision!

If you like the luxury hotels, if you are keen on yachts, the place you have to visit is St. Vlas! It is very popular among the locals, as many foreign tourists visit it during the summer season and not only… There you can see beautiful buildings, can also enjoy the great beach and to touch the night life that is very exciting. In St. Vlas there are many young people who are ready to experience lots of unforgettable summer emotions, while in the same time the prices are very attractive for most of tourists! Fully enjoy this place and book your hotel now – still, August is just behind the corner and very soon all the hotels will be even book solid… Hurry up and do not miss the chance to have a great summer vacation in the amazing St.Vlas! See more about st Vlas Bulgaria – balkanholidays.co.uk.


On the other hand, Sunny Beach is just like St.Vlas but the difference is that it is bigger and little bit more famous… It is also well-known as the hottest spot along the Black Sea coast because of its amazing and very attractive night clubs where you can bust a move till the morning! The resort is a perfect place for all the young people who are looking for unforgettable night entertainments, who want to enjoy the summer in the best way possible and who also need relaxation… But that doesn’t mean that family with children can’t spend a fulfilling vacation in Sunny Beach… Just because the resort is the most dynamic and fast-growing summer resort in Bulgaria, do not think that it is not suitable for family holidays.

If you think that Bulgaria Sunny Beach resort is not your place, if you have some doubts regarding the hotel or so, just stop thinking and trust the specialists, or otherwise – trust us ;)! We know what to advise you and think that Sunny Beach resort is an excellent choice not only for you, but for all of us too! There you will find an endless list of hotels, will be able to visit great restaurants where to dine, to try amazing Bulgarian dishes and not in the end – will have the great chance to enjoy the gorgeous Black Sea coast (the beach)! Do not hesitate if to visit Sunny Beach even for a minute and book a hotel room in the first hotel you see – all they are great, so the place where you will stay doesn’t really matter! And finally, we want to point out that the summer resort of Sunny Beach is also famous with its unbelievable low prices – there you can find so many attractive travel deals, that a stay for one week will seem to you like a free of charge!

When it comes to romance, the city of Nessebar is on the top of our list and there is a reason for that… It is one of the most ancient towns in Europe as in the same time is one of the most visited too. Many couples in love visit Nessebar during the summer season in order to spend a romantic holiday for two in private, as well to see many impressing historical and cultural sights! If you have been in this city before, you know what we mean, but if you have not – do not miss this summer season and go there as soon as possible.


There is nothing to lose… Nessebar will impress you from the very beginning because it has so powerful energy that even the most sceptic tourist will fall in love with this place! In addition, there is quite cheap so be sure that you can stay for less but in the same time for much longer than you ever thought!

The city of Nessebar has no analog. It is the only place in Bulgaria that is so impressing with its small, cozy and fairy houses, as in the same time the sea is only one step away from you… You can enjoy the sea breeze, you can sightseeing, you can get inspired while watching the lovely landscapes and so on. The city of Nessebar will give you so many opportunities as a holiday destination because it is well-developed, offers great accommodations, lovely establishments and many ways of entertainment!

To go to Bulgaria for a summer holiday is the best thing you can do for your family and kids… Since this land is very picturesque and beautiful, as well as is a quite cheap destination, most of holidaymakers who have ever been there, visit Bulgaria again. If you are dreaming for the perfect vacation at sea, that to give you many unforgettable emotions, just book your holiday in some of the resorts we have offered. All they are amazing, all they are famous and none of them will disappoint you! Have also in mind that whenever you go and whatever you decide regarding your holiday, you will find all that you need: nice hotel, great food, lots of entertainments, romance and low prices. Isn’t that the recipe for a perfect summer vacation? What more you could want? Go to Nessebar, Sunny Beach or St. Vlas and have an unforgettable stay with your family or friends… Forget about the busy daily round and enjoy this stunning land… It has lots to offer, so you just have to go and get it!