Top reasons why it is time to go on a holiday to Croatia – part one!

Top reasons why it is time to go on a holiday to Croatia – part one!

  22 Jan 2017

Does anyone know all beautiful resorts in Croatia and how to choose the right place for our summer holiday? If some of you have been in this amazing country before then you are real lucky because Croatia is one of the most incredible holiday destination that can exist and must be visited at least once! See more about croatia holidays.

The number of British visitors grows rapidly year after year, as measured in percent the growth of tourists who have visited Croatia last year is 25 % more in comparison with 2015… Interesting, right? See bellow several reasons why you should become a part of the adventure called holiday to Croatia!!


1.The hot weather! Yes, in Croatia it is hot but actually what could be every summer vacation without the scorching sun which to make us feel the real summer, such as it is – sunny and flaming? For that reason Croatia is undisputedly ranked as one of the sunniest and hottest points in Europe – and it is fully deserved… All holidaymakers have to be ready for 12 hours of bright sun every day (in May and June) as during the mid-season they can expect even more – 13 hours a day!

2.Croatia is very easy to reach! Your travel by plane to some of the other summer destinations like the Creek islands can take more time (about 4 hours and even more),  but your flight to the amazing Croatia will be only about two hours and thirty minutes. That is awesome right?

3.Croatia offers good value holidays. Each of us would like to pay less but stay longer, do you agree?

Although Croatia is a member of the EU, the currency has remained the same – the Croatian kuna. Do not be also fooled by the popularity of Croatia! Yes, this wonderful land is very famous and highly visited summer destination, but you can still find many exclusive and cheap deals… For example, a dinner for 2 persons will cost you about 40 pounds, but pay attention – we are talking about nice restaurant in Split! Agree that compared to other European resorts, Croatia is quite cheaper destination, right?

We are hoping you had a pleasant time while reading our article! Expect our part two very soon to see the other reasons why you should visit Croatia…

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