How about the summer holidays in Europe?

How about the summer holidays in Europe?

  23 Jun 2017

Hello dear readers! How are you today? Are you enjoying the summer :)?

Today we thought about one thing – what it is necessary to spend a perfect vacation… at the sea? Have you ever thought about this, or actually to over-plan is not typical of you? And you are completely convinced that if you plan too much, as well as are trying to foresee everything is unnecessary and even harmful to the nerves?

Stop playing the innocent! Stop over-planning and stop worrying about things you cannot control anyway… Enjoy the moment and your trip as well and leave the rest aside!


Of course, to spend a great summer vacation, you have to also choose a suitable destination. That is clear to all, right? And to make the best choice possible, you have to comply with a few things: the type of your holiday (family, solo or with friends), your needs as regards to the hotel, the price level and so on.

In this train of thoughts and considering the different needs of the different tourists, we always love to recommend our readers to visit Europe. We think that if you hit the road to any of the European countries, will spend a lovely holidays during the summer season. See this page!

But note that although most countries are beautiful and suitable for any kind of breaks, there are two lands that are on the top of our list: Bulgaria and Croatia! They are picturesque; they are hiding numerous amazing places where you can have fun to a fainting and in the same time are cheap and providing their visitors with wide range of tourist services and amenities. And if you are looking for all that, then forget about the other holiday destinations and spend your holiday in some of the above mentioned European countries – they worth visiting!

Both Bulgaria and Croatia are perfect for romantic vacations. If you decide to go to Bulgaria, will have the chance to enjoy the Black Sea coast and many lovely summer resorts, while if you prefer Croatia, will be strongly inspired by the Adriatic and all the amazing small cities around the sea…

If we have to mention all summer resorts you can find in both countries, it will take us lots of time. But still, you can follow us and by reading our articles we publish almost every day, so that to learn which Bulgarian or Croatian summer resorts are most attractive, most inexpensive and most beautiful!