The city of Nessebar – what can we expect when visiting this summer destination?

The city of Nessebar – what can we expect when visiting this summer destination?

  18 Jan 2017

What can make every summer holiday more different than we expect? Speaking about vacation during the summer season, we all think about the sea and the beach, but actually that is not quite enough to be our summer holiday really exciting! To help you find the best holiday destination, we would like give you some travel advices and guidelines.

A summer holiday destination that combines great beach life, romance and cultural heritage would be perfect, right? Well, there is such a nice place where you will be able to enjoy all that and this is the city of Nessebar – balkan holidays summer destination! This amazing town is probably one of the oldest and most beautiful summer destinations in Europe where everyone who loves ancient places, old houses and the history will fall in love with the city of Nessebar… If you are dreaming often of romantic holiday, then this city must be at the top of your list – hardly in Bulgaria there is more inspiring and fairy place that Nessebar.


We do not tell you all that without no reason, because have been there and know what an amazing place is that. A holiday to Nessebar offers something truly amazing – from the sunny beaches and exciting water entertainments to the spectacular sea views when the sun goes down!

The best part of your stay in Nessebar is the chance to walk around the city, enjoying the breathtaking ambience and romantic spirit that is everywhere. The beauty of Nessebar is impressing – from the ancient, small houses you will see to the local shops selling incredible, hand-made souvenirs and from the wonderful sights to the boats of the fisherman… Actually, this city is really picturesque and all the time it has something to offer!

But what about the local establishments in the town? Well, no matter you want to go somewhere for a lunch or dinner, and why not a breakfast, in Nessebar there are lots of cozy restaurants that local people and guests of the resort visit with the great pleasure. Visit some of them if you want try the seasonal food of this region, or to have nice time with your girl/boy while having a dinner for two…

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