Sozopol – the perfect summer destination for all party lovers and fans of romance. See this!

Sozopol – the perfect summer destination for all party lovers and fans of romance. See this!

  21 Jan 2017

Where are the cheapest summer holidays in Europe? And where is the most romantic destination for you to go? The answer of these two questions is just one – the country of Bulgaria! But speaking about romance, any summer vacation wouldn’t be more romantic that that in the Bulgarian city of Sozopol…

Maybe you know something about this beautiful place or maybe you have been there before? Or maybe haven’t? In both cases we are sure that this article will be very interesting for you, because today we will try to describe this amazing city in details. Although Sozopol must be seen and not be described with words in order you to understand what a wonderful place it is, read the rows bellow and let your dreams conquer you!


Imagine how you walk while holding the hand of your loved one surrounded by indescribable beauty and magical atmosphere… Imagine also small cobbled streets, as on both sides stand fabulous, old houses as if telling about the past and the gorgeous Black Sea that will charm you with its morning breeze and marvelous sunsets! Here we would like tell you to take an exciting boat trip around the lovely peninsula – a chance that you should not miss.

Love small and cozy hotels? Wanting to dine among pleasant atmosphere and while hearing the sound of waves? We want and love all that too and that is why are recommending you to go to Sozopol! This city will surprise and fascinate you at the very beginning, so be ready to experience one of the best summer holidays ever!

In order to be a little more specific in our description of Sozopol, we want point out that some of the best hotels in town are as follows: Hotel Selena, Santa Marina, Hotel Apolis, Diamanti Hotel etc. Of course, in the city there are many other good hotels where you can have a pleasant stay for less and while enjoying excellent treatment and customer services!

For all party lovers we would like list several night clubs where the entertainments never end: El Tubo, Art club Mishel, Havana club etc.

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