Say hello to the summer and go to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria!

Say hello to the summer and go to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria!

  02 Jun 2017

Hello summer, hello holidays! We have been waiting for you so long, that now we are more than happy ♥!! We all have no patience anymore to go to the sea and to put our feet in the sea… We love this moment:).

Spend a different summer vacation this summer and visit the lovely country of Bulgaria! Explore this land and do not miss to visit some of its amazing sea resorts along the Black Sea coast… They are beautiful, they are cheap, they are amazing!

All the summer resorts in Bulgaria are family friendly and offer lots of great deals for you to take advantage of. There you can find all that you need and all that you think that must be available to be your family vacation perfect. Because all the Bulgarian, summer resorts offer a high quality and low prices! – What more can we want :)?

Sunny Beach

Well, if you do know very well the country of Bulgaria but want to see the best of it when it comes to summer getaways, just go to the legendary Sunny Beach resort!! Book your holiday there and let the party begin… :).

But what a party, isn’t Sunny Beach a calm and quiet resort? Is not it like Sozopol and Nessebar where you can have only relaxing holiday and nothing more…?

Nope, Sunny Beach is so different than the ancient cities we have mentioned above that you can’t even imagine… This place is not a typical summer resort, it is the hottest point along the Black Sea coast where you can forget about the real world by spending a one-week holiday!

In Sunny Beach resort, there are so many hotels and restaurants that it will be very difficult for you to decide where to stay or where to dine…

What you can do?

Well, choose just one hotel but visit as many as possible establishments… Try the Bulgarian cuisine and enjoy the amazing night clubs in the resort. They are truly incredible!!

If we had to describe Sunny Beach by using just one word, it will be “Dynamics”… It is everywhere: at the beach, in the center, in the restaurants and discos and even in the hotel. If you love it and even need to feel it, just go to Sunny Beach – it is personification of both the modernism and the contemporary, so definitely it is worth seeing! Go and enjoy it!

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