Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria – the best summer destination for you to go this year!

Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria – the best summer destination for you to go this year!

  06 Mar 2017

Hello holiday lovers! Do you feel the upcoming summer? Are you ready to experience a pleasant and filled with lots of positive emotions, exciting summer adventures and countless, unforgettable moments vacation at sea? We are sure that everybody is eager to go somewhere where to spend a great time with its family, friends or half and to forget about the long winter…

The opportunities for excellent summer holiday are many – there are numerous summer resorts for you to escape, but when it comes down to budget-friendly destinations, the choice becomes smaller…

What we mean? – Well, most of people are hoping to find a holiday destination where to be able to enjoy all the amenities, entertainments and attractions available for less and without limitations of a financial character… Probably, this may sound difficult for you but is quite possible and we can prove it!

Sunny Beach resort is the place for you to go if you looking for cheap summer vacation and great conditions for relaxation (nice hotels, good restaurants, attractive night clubs, varied shops, impressing attractions, good tourist services and so on). See more about sunny beach – balkan holidays (the best tourist site in UK)!


It is one of the most famous summer destinations in Europe, as millions of tourists visit it every summer and they even come back there in the next year for new portion of summer emotions!

Sunny Beach resort is very popular resort among the young people who are willing to do entertaining things and to experience lots of incredible emotions… In this amazing resort there is a list of awesome discos, bars, night clubs and establishments where the party is guaranteed, the prices are very low allowing you to have lots of fun even if you have a tinny budget! That is great, right?

Except for young people, Sunny Beach is favorite place for families with children, or tourists who are traveling alone… There you can find excellent hotels where to have a pleasant stay, attractive travel deals and great food! And the best thing in Sunny Beach is that all hotels or quest houses offer All Inclusive packages that are just perfect for you and your family (don’t forget the big discounts till the end of March – by booking your hotel now, you will get 20% lower cost)!

What to expect when you arrive in Sunny Beach? – Probably, this is the most frequently asked questions in case you have not been in the resort before and don’t know what to expect, where to go or how to spend your time… Well, our mission is to inform you and guide you before to hit the road, or during your vacation – that is why we have created our blog and publish every day interesting articles about holidays and beautiful destinations…

And so, Sunny Beach is the hottest spot along the Black Sea coast, the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria and is also very popular as the place that never sleeps and that offers unlimited possibilities for having fun! There you will find a gorgeous beach where to spend all day among a variety of entertainments and exciting beach life… And together with that, just right on the beach, there are many great summer restaurants where to dine while listening to the sound of the waves and while enjoying the sea breeze!

Sunny Beach resort is both the perfect place for recreation and suitable destination for having relaxation… There you won’t feel bored or to have nothing to do – this is simply impossible and you should not even think about it…

Be in the mood to have the most fun summer vacation ever and to save lots of money – yes, Sunny Beach is not only beautiful and charming resort, but also a place where everyone can have extremely economical vacation for the whole family!

How about the hotels in Sunny Beach? – Well, all the accommodations in the resort are on a very high level when it comes to amenities, furnishing, tourist services, customer treatment etc. We have already told you what amazing prices you can find, so let’s now pay attention to the types of hotels and their categorizations…

In Sunny Beach resort there are several hotel categorizations: 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels.

First of all, you have to know that wherever you decide or prefer to stay, won’t be disappointed (Be sure!). Even in the hotels that are far from luxuries (3-star), you will enjoy a pleasant environment and relaxing atmosphere! And an interesting fact is that very often, in some other countries in Europe, the categorization of the hotels doesn’t coincide with the real conditions you will find…


In Bulgaria and Sunny Beach is not so… There you will find that for which you have paid and what you have expected to find according to the categorization of the hotel.

For those who love the luxury and who can afford it, in Sunny Beach resort there is a plenty of incredible hotels where even the most capricious guest will be fully satisfied and impressed by both modern look and coziness! All the 5-star hotels in Sunny Beach have a full range of amenities: SPA center, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, fitness center, several restaurants, cafes, lobby, special places designed for you kids etc. Some of them even have night bar, or casino where all lovers of night adventures can spend unforgettable and exciting night!

Nights in Sunny Beach are just gorgeous! Go to some of the local bars or discos and feel the spirit of this lovely resort… Enjoy the modern music and cheerful atmosphere, as well as the quality alcohol and tasty cocktails that will amaze you with its huge variety and low prices!

We all are willing to spend unforgettable vacation this summer… We all are looking for the best destination where to go with our families and children. And when it comes to exciting summer adventures, everybody chooses Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria – always there for you and always surprising its guests with incredible entertainments, attractions and great budget deals!

Give yourself the best summer vacation ever and enjoy summer 2017 in Sunny Beach!

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