Tips to pick and wear a bracelet

Tips to pick and wear a bracelet

  17 Jun 2020

Today, men’s jewelry has become almost essential and the bracelet is an essential one. Simple accessory for some, real detail that makes all the difference for others, the bracelet is part, whether we like it or not, of the style of the Trendy Man. In order to avoid the fashion faux-pas, here are the questions we asked ourselves.

How to choose the bracelet for men and especially, how to wear it?

If you don’t want to fall into kitsch, here are some tips that we recommend.

Choose a men’s bracelet

T bracelet is truly everywhere; some will opt for the single wearing while others will combine them, this is called stacking.

But we do not choose a bracelet at random: this jewel at the same time discreet and refined allows to complete an already existing style. To choose it, you have to look at the style of the man who wants it, and see what he is already wearing: a piece of jewelry like a men’s bracelet is chosen according to the personality, lifestyle and tastes of the wearer.

Discreet or voluminous, thin or very wide, mono or bi-material, with or without inscription… in short, the possibilities are endless.

Each trendy man has his bracelet

Tell me what bracelet you’re wearing and I’ll tell you what trendy man you are.

The arm band bracelet, a very special bracelet: it is very wide, sometimes thick and tightens the wrist. It’s the perfect men’s bracelet for strong men, modern day gladiators, guys who do a bit of mechanics and a lot of bodybuilding. So here we are more on a masculine look like medieval sportswear. This is also the kind of bracelet that Johnny Depp wears well, which might give you an idea of ​​style.

The leather and bronze Bracelet: we are in the presence of a relatively mysterious man. A slightly wild, adventurous look, who likes to conquer the globe and ancient civilizations … He is a traveler who has his feet on the ground and who wears only discreet jewelry but visible enough to bring out his personality.

The bracelet in thin tangled leather strip: It is mainly for men who know how to be elegant in both chic and casual attire. It is the finesse of the accessory that proves that of the man who wears this leather bracelet. Finesse and taste for detail, especially if the touches of color on the bracelet remind those of the belt, laces or socks.

What not to do with a men’s bracelet

Avoid electronic bracelets because it means that you are coming out of prison and that you are on probation: it also lacks style!

I might upset more than one but please STOP the chain bracelet on which your first name is engraved …. It is heavy, it is not pretty and your friends know your first name so keep this object warm in the drawer .

Please also quickly cut your bracelets for concerts or music festivals. You think you look too cool but the opposite is happening. Too much cool kills cool!

Same punishment for the bracelets from the holiday clubs. Having been in All Inclusive in Marrakech does not make you a cool guy full of money… The bracelet made by your little one: this is a delicate subject for sure! Ok to keep it for a few days, it can even make you more sexy and desirable. We always covet what we cannot have …