Top destinations on the Balkan Peninsula – Part one!

Top destinations on the Balkan Peninsula – Part one!

  26 Oct 2016

Hello, holiday lovers! How are you feeling today? Are you searching for some special and beautiful place for your next holiday? I am sure, that the answer is „yes “, because winter is coming /just behind the corner/, people stay at home more often, engaged with a lot of domestic responsibilities. That is the reason why everybody wants to go to some nice place for recreation and fun…

Our topic of the day is a little bit different than the previous ones. Maybe you are wondering why…? Well, because today we are going to tell you about more destination than one. If you are already tired from the daily reading on internet where to go, then stop! Here you will find some really nice offers for your perfect winter holiday abroad. Visit TravelPointOnline website to see more!   bucharest-2

Because I am a huge fan of the castles and the history, which they are hiding, I am proposing you to visit Romania! If you want to feel the spirits of the past, then grab your bag and go there right now!! A holiday in this country will make you really happy. There are a lot of mountains, a big variety of well-preserved castles and landmarks, so with other words – a magic place!! The most famous and popular destinations in Romania are: Bucharest /when I was there year ago, a was impressed by the beautiful old houses and the city center/, Sinaia /the capital of the magnificent Karpati mountains/, Brasov /there can be seen the castle of the famous Graf Dracula/, Sighisoara /one of the most preserved ancient cities in Europe/. The places in Romania where you can go during your stay there are really, really impressing! Once when I have the chance to go there again, I will do it, for sure…

Speaking for beautiful places, I would like mention the lovely country of Bulgaria! Yes, it is really lovely and even more!Winter resorts, summer resorts, whatever you want – at your disposal…

If you want to learn more about this incredible destination, follow our website where will be published Part 2 very soon.

Thank you for your attention!

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