Why you should visit the winter resort of Bansko? Click here!

Why you should visit the winter resort of Bansko? Click here!

  05 Nov 2016

Have you ever thought about what we need to be fully happy? Most people dream of good job, big house, true friend and money… But the truth is that if you still have not seen anything of the world and do not travel, then you are missing a lot! There is a proverb that says “Man is happy when is on the road”… and it is completely true! By traveling you can experience really unforgettable moments and emotions, especially if you are on some wonderful place… Here is the moment to be mentioned that actually you can find such of place by visiting the lovely Bansko Ski resort in Bulgaria /top destination among the holidaymakers all over the world/.

If you have already started planning where to go during the winter season, this holiday resort will be some great choice for all your family! Bansko offers to the winter holidays lovers excellent conditions as regards to hotels, restaurants and entertainments, as well as is one of the most attractive and famous winter destinations in the country.

Bansko is a preferred ski destination for lots of thinks – a variety of ski-runs with different levels of difficulty, nice hotels, good restaurants and modern night clubs.

If you are beginner as regards to skiing, you should know that at the tourists disposal there is a ski school where you can take advantage of some professional training. When it comes to relaxation, take in to account, that in almost every hotel there is a SPA center where you will have the pleasure to enjoy some massage or beauty treatment – after dynamic racing on the ski-runs, this will be the perfect end of the day!

Because the resort of Bansko is situated in the magnificent and picturesque Pirin mountains, there are numerous breathtaking landscapes and views – if you are fan of long walks, we can guarantee that you will be charmed by the beautiful nature in the mountain and will spend unforgettable time walking along the snowy paths /Do not forget your camera!/.

Your winter holiday in Bansko never be the same if you do not visit one of the cozy Bulgarian restaurants that offer delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and nice folklore music. All these things will make your stay to be of full value and unforgettable!

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