If you want to enjoy the beautiful Black Sea surrounded by wonderful environment on all sides, then visit the Golden Sands resort!

If you want to enjoy the beautiful Black Sea surrounded by wonderful environment on all sides, then visit the Golden Sands resort!

  22 Nov 2016

Hello there! All people and more specially fans of the sea adventures wish to experience unforgettable moments with their family, especially when it comes to summer holiday… During the organization of your yearly vacation at sea, maybe you are wondering and asking yourself where is the perfect place for you to go in order to spend a fulfilling time, but together with that to keep within the range of your financial possibilities? Well, no doubts, this is difficult question considering the huge offering on the tourist market…

Actually, it is not impossible you to find such a destination that to meets all your needs and requirements… In this train of thoughts, we would like recommend you to visit one of our favorite summer resorts on the Black Sea coast – the amazing Bulgarian resort of Golden Sands! By clicking on ancient exploration of Golden Sands you will receive more information about this incredible summer resort!


This place is really interesting due to the fact that is situated very close to the Natural Park of “Golden Sands”, as combines both picturesque nature and beautiful sea… Being there you will enjoy not only the great conditions for sunbathing but also the wonderful environment surrounding you on all sides /a richness of various plants and bird species, greenery everywhere, silence and calmness – all these things will make your summer holiday unforgettable and you will want to go back there again even in next summer…/.

The resort of Golden Sands is called with this name because the sand there is with wonderful golden color, as well as is very fine and clean… Except this the mild climate makes the Golden Sands resort for being a perfect place for sea tourism and recreation /the middle temperature is about 22 degrees/, while the presence of mineral water springs is the reason why this holiday destination is famous as SPA destination too /if you have any diseases such as: bone problems, neurological complaints, asthma, bronchitis etc., by visiting Golden Sands you will improve your health/.

As for the entertainments for you and your children, have to know, that there are many various attractions and interesting things to do during your stay in this lovely place: aqua park, children’s sports centers, pony riding, practicing of different kinds of water sports, modern night clubs, tennis, volleyball and so on…

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