Enjoy excellent summer vacation by visiting Golden Sands resort, Bulgaria!

Enjoy excellent summer vacation by visiting Golden Sands resort, Bulgaria!

  15 Feb 2017

Summer is very nearly and if you have no idea where to go for having the long-awaited summer vacation at sea, think about the chance to spend some time in the amazing Golden Sands Bulgaria – a place with lots of traditions and 55 years of interesting history!

When it comes to holidays among the nature, everybody thinks of the mountain, right? And have you ever wondered what would be if you have the chance to combine both sea entertainments and relaxation among fresh air? It would be really awesome and actually you can do it by visiting Golden Sands resort!


This place is the golden pearl of the Black Sea coast due to its incredible, natural resources and great beach conditions. It is also part of the natural park of “Golden Sands”, as the area where is located this lovely resort is protected by the lows of Bulgaria…

Long ago, long ago, somewhere in the distant past, Golden Sands was searched by pirates (just like in the movies :)) who had hoped to find some gold, but to their great surprise, there was only unique beach with amazing and fine, aureate sand!

Nowadays, the natural resources of Golden Sands are used for development of summer tourism, which is more and more developed with every passing season…

During your summer vacation in Golden Sands resort, you will have the pleasure to enjoy lovely beach with crystal clear water, numerous attractions and exciting entertainments. Some of the best ways to have fun is to visit the Attraction Park “Aquapolis”, which is the oldest and first one in Bulgaria. It is also located in the northwestern part of the resort and while entertaining you can enjoy the beautiful sea view as well!

Golden Sands is very desired destination by people from all kinds of nationalities not only for its great natural resources (that are undeniable fact), but for its attractive tourist deals too!

In principle, the country of Bulgaria is quite cheap destination (winter resorts, summer resorts, mountain resorts), but we all know that when on summer holiday our expenses are much more in compression to the money spent during the rest of time. And here we want to point out that Golden Sands resort is very cheap even during the summer season – there you can stay at nice hotel, to eat great food, to have lots of fun with your kids and all that for less. You can also extend your vacation (if one-week vacation is not enough for you) by paying a reasonable price that will not aggravate your budget.

Well, we have nothing else to say except to wish you have a great and exciting stay in Golden Sands resort… Enjoy!!