How to get rid of mice

How to get rid of mice

  23 Sep 2020

Getting rid of house mice might become challenging if you fail to react to the problem in a timely and intelligent manner.

Today, we will point out three fundamental steps to guide you through your mice control adventure, especially if you face this problem for the first time.


Prevention is the best way to keep your home and belongings protected from a house mice invasion. Some thoughtful things to consider might be:

  • Sealing your house well enough. Small holes in the walls, unattended garage doors, roof cracks, or attic openings might make it easy for the intruders to walk into your home and start breeding. Monitoring your home entrances at the end of every summer can spare you much trouble in the long run, so make sure you do not neglect that part.
  • Maintaining good domestic hygiene. Regularly vacuuming your home will keep food particles away from the floor. That means one magnet less for the intruders.
  • Keeping your food stocks safe. Leaving packed or unpacked foods on the kitchen counters or the kitchen table will help the mice feel well enough to stay. It would be wise always to store your goods safely in a sealed space, especially if you live in a mice-prone region.
  • Keep your eyes open. Spotting mice droppings might not be easy if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. So – do not ignore the first sights of contamination and act timely.

Home-made solutions

Mousetraps are the best thing to begin with when you notice the first mouse droppings around your home. To make use of a mousetrap, you should:

  • Choose the proper place perpendicular to the walls, near your food stocks, or the mice’s supposed entry point. 
  • Change trap locations every couple of days to ensure the element of surprise.
  • Set the appropriate bait – oatmeal, dried fruit, chocolate, or peanut butter.
  • Don’t give up or ignore the problem before you’re sure the house is cleared. Mice reproduce rapidly, so things could get terrible if you neglect the case.

Professional pest control

If you feel that things will not go in the proper direction, you should consider seeking expert help. A certified expert is sure to choose the most effective solution for your home and your family after getting familiar with the case.

Professional pest control Croydon will spare the trouble of making things worse and will keep your family safe. Calling an authorized pest control specialist is strongly advisable if you are currently taking care of a child, a pet, a senior citizen, or a chronically ill person. Mice can carry parasites and diseases that might be pretty unpleasant for people with weaker immune systems.

No matter your approach, there is one thing you should remember – you are not alone in this. About one out of ten London homes is infested with domestic mice. You have all the knowledge and experience needed to go through this unaffected.

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