Professional gardeners for the yard – for your little paradise under the stars

Professional gardeners for the yard – for your little paradise under the stars

  02 Feb 2021

Having a garden or just a modest outdoor space in the comfort of your home is a big luxury in real estate nowadays. Taking in fresh air while relaxing in the shade and reading a book or tending to your personally grown flowers and produce are a preferred pastime. People love inviting their guests for a family barbecue and organizing parties while being in the open. Mostly in the summer, when it’s nice and warm we feel like being outside more than inside.

How to take care of open spaces

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But of course, just like with the rest of our home taking care of personal outdoor spaces and gardens is a challenging task. However, with today’s modern way of life it’s very easy to just call someone and have them come over for a small charge and take care of the problem for you. Whether you are looking for someone to do upkeeping work on your space, remodel it completely or clean it up for you it’s one company that can do all these things. Two Lions Ltd. serves all your gardening needs in the Liverpool city and area.

Naturally, you want the people that you hire for this job to not only charge you money but to also do their job right, fulfill your requirements and see your vision about things. As true professional gardeners, people at Two Lions are highly trained and know how to perform a high – quality service. They use time-saving and up to date equipment for effective handywork and don’t miss a single thing. At their initial inspection they will ask you for your ideas and help you to make a complete plan. They will then proceed to choosing the best materials for the job and then do their process under your supervision.

What about the service list

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The next thing that would make a certain company trustworthy is the feedback from other customers and their commitment to appointments. Having been in the field in Liverpool for many years Two Lions has a line of happy clients who have not hesitated to give them 5 stars. When the job is done quickly, efficiently and you get a good and respectful attitude from the workers, it’s hard to find something to complain about. The company has flexible hours and works 7 days a week to make sure to find the suitable appointment for everybody. Part of their gardening service is:

  • Mowing, weeding, hedge and ivy trimming;
  • Tree pruning, clearing of leaves and green waste;
  • Jet washing, chemical treatment, planting flowers;

The plan of action is very simple. After you make an appointment, there will be an initial visit where all the work needed to be done is discussed. In the allotted time the gardeners arrive with their best equipment and materials and do their job in the estimated time frame. Two Lions works with many traders and guarantees you the best prices for tools and supplies. The client is welcome to observe the whole process and make corrections if needed. After finishing with their job, the team will remove all produced waste from the site free of charge. The company can do a regular upkeep, a one-time tending or a complete garden area remodel.

This service can be combined with others, offered by Two Lions Ltd.  such as pest control, handyman services and furniture assembly. If you have pests in your home or garden, you need help putting together new garden furniture or you need anything fixed then you can find it all in the same place. It would be a hassle calling a number of different people when you can get it all from one establishment. So if the time has come for you to have a new garden, call Two Lions and get the project started.

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