Located on the slopes of the Rila Mountain, you will find the ski resort of Borovets – the best choice for every skier!

Located on the slopes of the Rila Mountain, you will find the ski resort of Borovets – the best choice for every skier!

  11 Jan 2017

Good evening to all holidaymakers who have a passion for skiing and who are looking for a place that to visit for its next winter vacation in the mountain!

With the greatest pleasure we would like present to you the Bulgarian ski resort of Borovets that is one of the oldest winter resorts in Europe welcoming an increasing number of tourists every year!


Located on the slopes of the gorgeous Rila Mountain, Borovets has lots to offer to all its visitors and keen of skiing providing excellent ski runs and lots of entertainments for both children and adults.

The easy access to Borovets makes the resort for being much desired ski destination by the Britons – you can travel with a flight to Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) that is about 45 km from the city as for your transportation to Borovets you can book a cheap transfer too.

This amazing ski resort is popular for its cheap deals during the winter season that actually lasts from December to April – Borovets is opened for its guests 5 months in the year and all the time it amaze every tourist arrived with its beauty and attractiveness!

Being on a holiday in Borovets you will be able to make a choice between different types of ski slopes that are fully equipped to all ski levels – from quite beginner skiers to professional skiers (you can have the pleasure even to see some of the instructors putting on impressing jumping shows).

Your holiday in Borovets can be very exciting during the warmer seasons too! If you have been missing the ski season but still want to visit this lovely mountain destination, have in mind that nature in this area is really incredible, so that you can do many interesting outdoor activities – all hikers and bikers will find lots to explore, as another option is fishing, horseback riding etc.

We are hoping that with today’s article we have been useful to you and more or less you have already got some idea what a wonderful place is Borovets…  By the end of the ski season remains three whole months so you do not have to worry that you will miss the chance to visit Borovets!

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