Skiing in Bulgaria – the best way to have lots of fun during the winter season! See more!

Skiing in Bulgaria – the best way to have lots of fun during the winter season! See more!

  01 Mar 2017

Dear holidaymakers, have you ever been on some really beautiful place where to forget about everything and about all? Have you ever spent so amazing and exiting vacation that to remember for life? And have you ever had the luck to go somewhere where not only is really incredible, but very cheap too? Well, all we are dreaming of summer or winter destination where to spend lots of time for less, as well as to experience many unforgettable moments with our loved ones… But how to find such a place and where to look for it – this is the main question and every holidaymaker is asking yourself when start planning its long-waited trip!

Here we come to help. As well as to guide you and share with you some of our memorable experiences and personal impressions related to long trips and short holidays. And it is a huge pleasure for us to be of use to our readers by giving them very interesting information and proven tips.

Bulgaria ski

Bulgaria is magnificent land. It is one of our most favorite holiday destinations and every time we visit it with the greatest of pleasure! Today, we have decided to devote our article to this land and to tell you when the best time for you to visit it is – just like us, you surely will spend an amazing holiday that will remember for a long, long time!

The country of Bulgaria is located on the Balkan Peninsula, has very pleasant climate and numerous both summer and winter resorts that people of all nationalities visit. It is very popular as a holiday destination where you can ski, as well as to spend your summer vacation at sea, or to have a pleasant time during the spring or autumn… With two words, Bulgaria is suitable place for your vacation during all seasons and we highly recommend you to organize your summer or winter escape as soon as possible!

Now we will take into consideration the ski resorts in Bulgaria, because it is still winter outside and there are really many people who have not already been on a ski holiday… Are you one of them?

If you are and still looking for some amazing mountain destination where to spend the last winter days while practicing exciting snowy sports, stay here and keep reading…

Pamporovo, Bansko and Borovets – write down these three names, because that are the most awesome ski resorts in Bulgaria and hardly will you be able to find better than them in Europe…

One hundred percent now you are going to say that we just exaggerate, because in Europe there are many other amazing ski resorts that worth be visited and Bulgaria isn’t the only place where you can ski, right? And yes, we don’t deny it in any case and are fully agree with you, but maybe you forget something – the prices!

And yes, in Europe there are so many great ski resorts that we even can’t list them all! But together with that, the travel deals you will find on the Internet just will strike you with its high prices and expensive tourist services – for most people a holiday in the French Alps, or in Les Arcs, France is simply impossible and in most cases it remains just a dream…

The lovely Bulgaria is different. It is there for you with its incredible ski resorts where you can learn to ski (if you’ve never done it) or to conquer the most difficult slopes (if you are intermediate or advanced/professionals)…

All three resorts are equally good in terms of variety of ski slopes, their maintenance, ski schools, safety and entertainments. And wherever you go, will be able to stay in a cozy hotel, as well as to eat a quality food and to enjoy amazing night life… Pamporovo, Bansko and Borovets are perfectly suited for families with children, for people who want to have lots of fun and even for pensioners who have less money and are looking for economical winter vacation!

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So, if you still hesitate about your winter vacation (where and how to spend it), just stop doing it and check for some hotels on the Internet as soon as you read our article…

We assure that the travel deals you will find in the net are really attractive and you will book your ski vacation even today  :).

For a while we wandered away from the subject (the winter resort of Bulgaria) but now we are back to the amazing ski slopes, modern hotels and good restaurants of Pamporovo, Bansko and Borovets!

Well, speaking about restaurants we want to pay attention to this very important detail of each holiday – the establishments where you will dine and where you will relax after your snowy and dynamic day on the ski slopes…

The best way to fully enjoy the Bulgarian cuisine is to visit some of the traditional restaurants you will find in the resorts. They are furnished in old, Bulgarian style and carry the spirit of the distant past. You can feel it while having a diner and while listening to the incredible folklore music that in most cases is live! And if you are jolly fellow who love to have fun, try to dance some of the Bulgarian folklore dances called also “horo” – it is really interesting dance that you certainly will like…

Another good reason why you should got to Bulgaria this winter and to visit Borovets, Bansko or Pamporovo is the possibility to see both many impressing sights and captivating nature that will take your breath away! During the winter season, when everything outside is white, you will have the chance to get lost into the indescribable beauty of the mountain… You can walk all day long and that never make you feel bored – even on the contrary! While exploring the area around your resort (whichever it is), you will feel that you can stay there forever, or to even to begin a new life there!

Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko in Bulgaria are waiting for you – just go there and enjoy the last snowy days in the best way possible!

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